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Synopsis of the novel Pride and Prejudice

For more than 150 years, Pride and Prejudice remains one of the most popular English novelist
"From the beginning, arrogance, ignorance is not your indifferent, so grounding hatred of you. Yet a month know, I already know that you are a man who could never marry. "

So strong is the prejudice that can take root in one's heart, so that the growing resentment. Haughty and annoying, so the first impression gained when Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy.
Elizabeth itself is the second daughter of the couple Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. He had four sisters different character; Jane, the eldest, is the fairest and most delicate of all; Mary, a loner and nerds, as well as Catherine and Lydia are a bit wild, especially when it comes to handsome soldiers.
One time, Netherfield, a house three miles from their home in Longbourn, the arrival of a new tenant named Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet who desperately wants her daughters to marry, especially the eldest Jane, was so excited to hear the arrival of Mr. Bingley. Bennet sisters had met Mr. Bingley at a party held at Netherfield and there they saw that Mr. Bingley brings two sisters, and a friend, that Mr. Darcy.
As expected by Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bingley attracted to Jane. And Mr. Darcy eventually was attracted to Elizabeth, but the feeling was not reciprocated by Elizabeth, as he, his mother, already branded the bad Mr. Darcy. At the end of the story, when a complicated issue befall Bennet family, Elizabeth was finally able to see the goodness hidden within Mr. Darcy, and also started to open her heart to him.
I loved a lot of classic novels, and though not a connoisseur of romance, I really enjoy reading Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. When deciding to read Pride and Prejudice, the most famous works of the famous romance novelist Jane Austen, I expect a lot of that novel, at least, as good as Jane Eyre. Turns out I was very disappointed after reading it. Fill in Pride and Prejudice strongly reflect the title (which, when translated into Indonesian independent means of Self-Esteem and Prejudice), the authors described a version of the 585 pages in the Indonesian translation. The story, though not exactly grooved slow, but the flat course, tend to be bland, without any significant conflict, and very predictable. Mostly just tells about the visit Mr. X to the Y, Z party, and the figures are admiring the houses they visit, sending compliments to either park or furniture. The greatest conflict that occurred in the latter part of the book was somehow not able to reach its climax, and what happened to the two main characters after the conflict has passed only able to make me thought, "Ealah, just like that???"
The interesting thing about Pride and Prejudice that in Indonesia there are three publishers almost simultaneously released the translated version.

Detail book:
"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
585 pages, published in February 2011
My rating: ♥♥