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Figures in the twilight novel

Bella Cullen (18 years)

   Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan is a teenage girl who portrayed mediocre and easy unlucky born 13 September 1987 in Forks. She recently moved from the city of Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her ​​father, Charlie. who the Chief of Police Forks. Although many boys like, Eric, Mike, and Tyler, interested in her, Bella had fallen in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious handsome boy  then known as vampires. For safety Bella, Edward left her (in the series New Moon). Bella becomes depressed, and then came the figure of Jacob Black co-star who is a friend since childhood. Jacob always entertaining Bella when she was sad and always, always there when he needed. Bella was starting to feel the need for the presence of Jacob and gradually the feeling of love began to emerge though not as deep as his love for Edward. Bella played by Kristen Stewart.

Edward Cullen (17 years)

  Edward Cullen (birth name: Edward Anthony Masen) was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois and then trapped in the body of eternal youth aged 17 years. When he was dying of Spanish flu outbreak in 1918, he was transformed into a vampire by Dr.. Carlisle Cullen after Edward's mother, Elizabeth, begged him to save Edward. Edward has the ability to read other people's minds, except for Bella Swan. In addition, he also holds the status as the fastest among all the members of his family. He immediately fell in love with Bella after Bella moved to Forks. Edward knew he could have been able to kill Bella easily without conscious, and then in New Moon he decides to leave Forks so he and his family could not threaten the safety of Bella. But eventually he came back too, knowing that he could not live without Bella. In Breaking Dawn Bella she married and had a daughter, Renesmee. Target is a favorite hunting mountain lions. Robert Pattinson's role as Edward in the Twilight films.

Jacob Black (16 Years)
   Jacob Black is Bella's best friend from his birth in 1990. It stems from the Quileute tribe and is also a shape-shifter - who are able to transform themselves into animals (incidentally Jacob can turn into a wolf so that could be mistaken as a werewolf). In Twilight, Jacob plays only a bit, and apparently forgot that Jacob is Bella's childhood friend. Curiosity Bella to the Cullen family, Bella seducing Jacob, and Jacob tells her Quileute tribe legends about "Cold Creatures', or vampires. The character of Jacob Black in the Twilight film played by Taylor Lautner

Carlisle Cullen
   Carlisle Cullen (also known as Stregoni Benefici) is the husband of Esme and is also the adoptive father of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. First appeared in Twilight and his physical appearance is a 38-year-old man. Carlisle is described as a model, and she has blonde hair, has approximately 187 cm tall and slender but strong. Carlisle argues that if humans turned into a vampire, they will have some kind of power associated with their past. He believes that he brings a sense of pity from his past. Carlisle has been studied for centuries to establish his medical knowledge, and therefore he was a good doctor and well-known in Forks. Unlike most vampires, Carlisle was not tempted by the scent of human blood, due to his training for 300 years resisted the temptation. Carlisle Cullen son of an Anglican pastor, born in 1640s London before the reign of Cromwell, England during the religious upheaval. His father and other pastors hunted creatures such diverse witches, werewolves, and vampires, humans sometimes in one pahaminya. After his father got older, Carlisle to replace him. One night in 1663's, he was attacked by a vampire and left to die in the middle of the road. Knowing that he would never be accepted again in society, he retreated and suffered a painful transformation into a vampire. Frightened, he tried various ways to commit suicide, but none of them succeeded because of its strength. One night when he could not hold back anymore and attacked a herd of hungry deer. Having realized that he can survive without having to attack the man, he began to train himself to the defense of human blood, and become a doctor. In the movie Twilight, the character Carlisle  by Peter Facinelli.

Esme Evenson / Cullen (26 years)

   Esme Cullen is the wife of Carlisle and adoptive mother of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice. He is depicted as a young woman who loved her family. Esme was a homemaker who was very kind and considerate. Even the Bella though, technically holds the title as the new lover Edward. This is caused by the trauma of his past. As a young man (Esme Evenson), Esme lost her baby and tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. Carlisle found him and turn them into vampires. Esme is also a vegetarian vampire (only drink animal blood), like other members of the Cullen family. In the movie Twilight, the character played by Elizabeth Reaser Esme.

Rosalie Hale/Cullen (18 Years)

   Rosalie Hale is the third person who turned into a vampire after Edward Carlisle and Esme. He is described as blonde and beautiful at the Cullen family as a human born in 1915 in New York. Its cold and jutek. It can be seen through his relationship with Bella. While the other Cullen family members are able to accept Bella happily as he lover Edward, Rosalie still be not so friendly to him. Adverse events in the human who caused this. While still human, Rosalie was the son of middleclass families. His father had a high position in a bank. Coupled with a physical Rosalie was already beautiful and attractive, it is not hard for him to get his loved ones, Royce King Jr.. They were engaged and living Rosalie was like in a fairy tale princess. He is happy and has everything every girl wants. But it all ended when Royce King Jr. and his friends raped Rosalie drunk one night. Rosalie just left dying in the street, found and rescued by Carlisle, who soon turn into a vampire in 1933. Carlisle had hoped that Rosalie would be a soulmate for Edward, just as Esme is her soulmate. But Edward does not want to. In the end, Rosalie found his soulmate, the Emmett Cullen. Rosalie in the Twilight movie character played by Nikki Reed.

Alice Cullen (18 Years)

   Alice Cullen whose real name is Mary Alice Brandon was born in Massasuchets 1921. This girl boned petite and is described as having a sound like a bell. Alice has the ability to see the future, even though his eyesight is not exact. He can only see the things that have been decided. If the decision of the relevant changes, the vision Alice will change. Not much is known about this girl, because she herself does not remember his past ... and past the girl's mind when Bella was framed by james (vampire who preyed bella) that Alice is the only survivor james targets. Alice is told as a patient in a mental hospital, and when James chose it as a target game, Alice 'rescued' by a vampire who had been put to her heart. consequently transformed as vampire Alice, while vampires have 'menciptakannya'berhasil killed by james. Alice is one of the last to join the Cullen family. He, along with Jasper, soulmatenya whom he met at one of the bars in the southern United States, came to see the Cullen family. Alice already knew about the Cullens before through vision. Alice is described as a figure girl who was very cheerful, outgoing, and helpful. Alice in the Twilight movie character played by Ashley Greene.

Jasper Cullen (20 Years)

   Jasper Hale whose real name is Jasper Whitlock was born in Manchester on January 1, 1844. Once he was a soldier who was very dignified, and when he got the assignment to evacuate a settlement, in the middle of the road he met with 3 beautiful girls like fairies, with porcelain skin with red eyes. without realizing the previous turns 3 this girl is a vampire from the south. and jasper was changed into a vampire, he became a partner of the maria, which is one of the three vampire is. they were often formed 'baru'untuk army won the battle between vampires struggle for the' perburuan'dan after the soldier was no longer useful, it will soon be finished. jasper who has the expertise to control the emotions of those around him are also able to read the emotions of the victims. Jasper was a result of feeling very frustrated and leave their partners. He wandered alone herself up north to live a better life without a fight. until he met Alice soulmatenya at the bar. Jasper in the Twilight movie character played by Jackson Rathbone.

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