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Synopsis novel The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga

Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Edition: March, 2008
Length: 500 Pages

    Twilight is the first book of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Overall, the story tells the relationship triangle between Bella Swan, an ordinary man, who is a vampire Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black. In the first book, we are told Bella was a transfer student from Phoenix because his mother decided to remarry. In Forks Bella lives with her father who was a police chief. In Forks, Bella go to the local high school, where he met with Edward Cullen. Guys are very interesting and mysterious, which never associate with anyone other than family members as mysterious as himself. And that is where their story begins. Bella and Edward started to become increasingly close until finally Bella discover the Cullen family secret that the greatest vampire Cullen family is family. But despite the vampire family, they do not suck human blood, but only hunt animals. At the same time, around Forks happened several mysterious attacks, which exploited his victim bled dry. But police concluded that the events are merely "animal attacks". Until one day, Bella Cullen was with the family when they met with another group of vampire. And even though the Cullen family had tried menyemunyikan where Bella, but they still know where Bella and trying to chase the deer. Finally, Bella had to flee with the help of the Cullen family. They also have to destroy the vampire that pursues Bella forever. Overall, Twilight is a good book. The story is exciting and thrilling, but also not too hard to follow. From start to finish the reader is swept up in the story of Bella and Edward. There will also be amazed by the uniqueness of each member of the Cullen family. Twilight also presents a plot and a different genre than most teen novels in circulation to date. Unlike fantasy novels that touch on the lack of romance, or romance novels are boring because there are no side adventures. Stephenie Meyer successfully combines fantasy and romance with a very slick in the Twilight story. However, the language used in Twilight, it may be too much for some people. So also with the behavior and actions of the characters. In several forums on the internet, many Twilight readers who said "It's Twilight was very excessive, make bored because it was too much.". But many of them say "I love Twilight". Personally, I like the story, genre, plot, and characters in the twilight, though also somewhat impaired in some parts too excess. But feeling like I had conquered the disgusted because of the excess. So, according to me, this book is 'worth it' to be collected and read.

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